MKU courses: Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

MKU courses: Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

The Department Of Security Studies, Justice & Ethics in Mount Kenya University supplies a four-year, gigantic, on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies and Criminology. It is one of those MKU courses supplied by the Department of Social Sciences. The program is meant to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of complex security issues and their implementations in the real world. The Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies and Criminology curriculum is meant to subject students to a range of instruction, study, information, capabilities, perceptions, and observations in real-world circumstances. It allows pupils plan for the difficulties that come with learning Security Studies and Criminology.

This really is one of those excellent MKU courses that goal to bridge the divide in Kenya and the world. The training course is intended for graduates of an O-level or A-level that opt to operate in insurance companies, pension divisions of distinct corporations, banks, and other investment firms. Stakeholders agree that the marketing programs are available in the curriculum to make it more user-friendly. The program’s mission is to deliver a credential program that addresses the increasing need for managers. The program provides quantitative history in areas such as life savings, medical insurance, and sales analysis. Since completing the program, graduates would offer high-quality actuarial science instruction both domestically and abroad.

This training teaches you how to approach business in many ways. Four academic years are needed to finish the program. Rivalry, according to assumptions on battle and fighting, is unavoidable in human associations But there are few academic initiatives to understand the character, reasons, route, and various impacts of war or to find strategies to achieve stability within the framework of a worldwide recognized judicial procedure, Pupils who get a bachelor’s degree in peace studies and conflict resolution are ideally equipped to support the growth of just, fair, and peaceful communities, The MKU courses prepares students for employment in human rights, dispute mediation, and peace-related jobs by providing them with observational skills and term competencies.

This course prepares learners to be accountable in various professional contexts, for example teaching, analyzing, and developing primary challenge and peace policies. It’s one of the MKU courses that give students a fantastic foundation for innovative research in peace and conflict resolution or related disciplines. It motivates students to function as teachers, researchers, and policymakers in conflict and peace-related areas. It also encourages students to develop an extensive comprehension of the numerous facets of confrontation and stability. This course aims to train students to contribute to the growth of just, equal, and peaceful circumstances.

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