Motors for folding gates

Motors for folding gates

Automazioni Rimini produces and delivers all across Italy, but you have further advantages if you’re out of Rimini. They’re also able to directly take care of the installation during the Rimini area. Furthermore, having the production site in two steps from Rimini, you have the opportunity (by appointment) to visit the manufacturing section and touch the standard of the automation. The two for what concern the mechanics and what worries the electronics and related applications. They can also create the electronics and internally develop the management applications of the electronic control units.

You will also find robust hydraulic parking bollards in automizioni Rimini. They let reserving parking or preventing passage on personal or reserved roads. Total with formwork, removable construction, tube, hydraulic cylinder, integrated hydraulic control unit, light mind, and box together with clamps. Order your do-it-yourself kit automation on the internet; you can depend on a critical company operating since the 70s, which produces its automation internally.

Each kit offered comes complete with transparent technical documentation for a simple installation and simple setup, cancelli automatici rimini provides the whole automation, As you need it you are able to personalize the kit by selecting the number of remote controls, the orientation and length of the barrier (right or left), along with the existence of any accessories such as fixed or mobile support foot, hedge, photocells, and reflective glue fittings. You can find whatever you will need for your home or company automation, Made in Italy goods, and with a 3-year warranty, Parking management systems are also available for 64 parking spaces.

The digital control device controls and prevents the chain from lifting or hitting any barriers. The digital control unit also stands out because of its very low consumption (only 30 mA) in standby mode to significantly lower the consumption of electricity; combined with the battery (optional), it allows the automation to operate for several hours even in case of a blackout. Order your chain lifter automation out of automazioni Rimini.

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